30 yd Dumpster Rental in New Orleans

30 yd dumpster

   This container is designed for medium-to-large projects, such as interior remodeling, de-cluttering or other interior projects. It’s the optimal size for trash removal during your next renovation.

How big is this dumpster?
  • 30 yards - (no other accurate measurements available).

     * Actual dumpster sizes vary per market area.

   Weight limits apply. Be sure to keep in mind the volume, density and weight of the materials you place in your container. It may affect your costs and it may make your container unsafe to move. See your contract for details.

So how much can this dumpster hold?

   30 Cubic Yards of Waste - Let's break that down. The average car can transport 1.6 cubic yards of waste per trip. That means these containers can hold well over 18 car loads of trash & waste, not to mention the savings on gas, time, dump fees, flat tires from the dump,time and other valuable resources.  


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